manticorgi commissions

Status: Closed

terms of service

By ordering a commission from me, you automatically accept the following terms and must be age 18 or older.

Will Draw

  • Animals, Feral, Anthro characters

  • Humans, humanoids

  • Closed species, ARPG rolls

  • Robots, mechas

  • Pokemon, Animal Crossing OCs, Sonic OCs

  • Fan art

  • Blood, gore, candy gore

  • Heavily detailed characters-- prices will vary based on complexity.

  • If something is not listed, ask!

May Consider

  • Commission types not listed, will discuss prices.

  • Bulk orders, game art, concept art.

  • NSFW content-- will be at x3 original price, very limited to certain commission types.

Will Not Draw

  • Hateful ideologies

  • Political references

  • Suggestive/NSFW content with underage characters


  • I only accept USD via Paypal invoice.

  • Final price may vary due to character or prompt complexity.

  • I will start working once full payment has been sent.


  • When ordering a commission, it helps me a LOT if you tell me about your character's personality, and if you are specific with what you want! Pose ideas, reference pics, etc. are highly encouraged!

  • I will always send a sketch for approval. I will continue the commission and make any changes as needed once feedback is received.

  • Additional progress shots can be sent upon request, though usually I will touch base and send updates for lines, color, and finishing touches.

  • Turnaround time will vary between 3 days to one month per commission.

  • I have a toddler, so unfortunately I am only able to work at least 2 hours per day on commissions. Therefore, I will not accept rush orders or guarantee deadlines. I will try my best to finish my work in a timely manner, but if you do not expect to wait a long time for your art, please do not commission me.


  • I will be able to issue a full refund if I feel that I cannot draw what has been requested, or if have not sent a sketch of your commission. You may ask for a refund at any time as long as your commission is not finished by my standards.

  • Partial refunds may be issued depending on progress made as follows:

  • Sketch/Lines = 75% /// Unfinished Color = 50%

  • Once a partial refund has been issued, you may ask to receive the SAI or PSD file. You are welcome to complete the artwork yourself or have someone else do it for you, but you must give me partial credit.

For Commissioners

  • When posting commissioned art anywhere, you must credit me (TH username is manticorgi).

  • When selling characters, do not sell my art for more than what was originally paid.

  • If you plan to use my art for commercial purposes (stickers, T-shirts, etc.) please let me know before sending payment, so we can discuss file resolution and prices.

Artist Rights

  • I reserve the right to deny a commission inquiry for any reason.

  • If for some reason I cannot finish your commission (due to real life/personal issues), I may issue a partial refund based on progress (see Refunds above).

  • I may use finished commissioned art for examples, or upload them on any of my social media accounts.

  • I may post NSFW commissions only on my NSFW account.


Holographic Sticker

  • $30 Flat color, does not come with shading.

  • A chibi version of your character, with a holographic shine and pixel overlay.

  • Accent pixels will be sparkles. Varying pixels can be done upon request (skulls, crescents, paw prints, pentagrams, etc.), but they must be simple.

  • Markings and other details may be simplified.

  • A separate file without the holographic pixel overlay will be sent as well.


  • $60 Flat color

  • +$60 Per extra character

  • +$10 Add shading

  • +$15 Add simple background (like the triangle bg to the right)

  • +$50 - $100 Detailed Background

  • A transparent full body render of your character.

  • Small/simple props are free.

  • Max 3 characters per drawing.

Mini Scene

  • $50 full render, comes with background and shading.

  • A miniature scene of your character in a natural setting.

  • Markings and other details may be simplified.

  • Small props are free.

  • Indoor settings unavailable.

  • Max 1 character per drawing.

Mini Room

  • $80 full render, comes with background and shading.

  • $15 per additional character pose.

  • $15 additional set of 3 furniture/prop pieces

  • Your character in a small cutaway isometric room that can be completely customizable.

  • Markings and other details may be simplified.

  • Comes with x1 wallpaper, x1 floor, x1 window, x1 rug, x2 pieces of furniture. Small/simple props are free.

  • Max 1 character per drawing.

  • Separate files of your character, furniture/props, and the room will be sent upon completion, so you can decorate the room to your liking!